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  Asset Allocation
  Personal Information

Full Name:

Savings Budget:

  1. How many years do you have before you reach your retirement savings goal?
  2. Do you plan to withdraw or borrow at least one third of your retirement savings within the next ten years?  
  3. Do you currently have an emergency fund?  
  4. Not including your home or vacation properties, what percent of your assets are retirement assets?  
  5. If inflation averages 4%, over the next five years, do you expect your salary to...  
  6. What percentage of your retirement income will come from your savings?
  7. Rank yourself on tolerance for taking investment risk  
  8. Have you ever purchased bonds or used bond funds as investments?  
  9. Have you ever purchased stocks or used stock funds as investments?  
  10. Do you support dependent children, parents, or the disabled?  
  11. Not including mortgage, what percentage of your take home pay goes to paying personal debt including credit card balances?  
  12. If you felt that taking short term risk would increase your retirement comfort would you...